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7 Ways to Add Sparkle & Shine to Your Creative Projects

As a crafter you go through many phases, (I’ll outline these in another blog post). Im in the “All that glitters!” phase and I am loving it! Recently almost all the projects I’ve done have an element of shine whether from using foil, glitter, glossy accents or sequins and I have to say incorporating these elements has turned out pre-tty well. So I  put together this little post to show you some products you can use to incorporate these adorable elements in your projects. 

NUMERO UNO – Glitter


Glitter is one of the most versatile ways to add sparkle to your projects. I use many different media such as glittered spray paints (like Krylon Glitter Blast) and glitter glues for application. Glittered Washi Tape and Glitter Pens like the Wink of Stella brand can also add that sparkle you need to take your project to the next level. Glitter can be very messy when in its powdered form so if  that part drives you crazy opt for the other methods mentioned above or make a concentrated glitter paste. I usually mix my glitter with ModPodge Gloss Lustre for application to more robust surfaces like chipboard or wood and the finish is beautiful (It does not flake off or feel rough to the touch). The glitter still shines through and the process is less messy because all the glitter is trapped inside the ModPodge.  It all depends on the finished look you want to achieve. For some projects however glitter glue, paint or pens will not work so you have to accept the glitter: mess and all! This video can give you some tips on how to reduce the mess that comes with glitter when you are using it for your projects. Using a baby wipe for clean up works wonders! Also here’s a guide that will help in choosing the right type of glitter for your project.

DOS, TRES, CUATRO- Sequins, Gems, Beads & Baubles

sequins lol

These add shine to any craft project and the combinations are endless. When using them, especially on my paper projects I incorporate a mix of sequins beads and gems to give variation and interest.

CINCO – 3D Crystal Lacquer /Glossy Accents


OMG!! I use this on EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, this is one of my favourite products to use when I want to spice up my project and add some interest. It’ s amazing. You have the option of dispensing the lacquer through a microfine tip  or the regular bottle tip. The liquid is viscous and when dispensed forms a raised (3-D) form of whatever shape you draw. It comes out opaque white but dries very clear, shiny and hard. I like to punch small circles from scrapbook paper and add a large drop of the crystal lacquer to make shiny embellishments and buttons. If you haven’t tried it yet… you nee-eed to! A popular brand is Glossy Accents by Ranger.

SEIS – Glitzy/Foiled Cardstock.

Glitzy Cardstock

Glittered cardstock is an extremely easy way to add shine to your projects. In my opinion if you are going to buy Glittered or Foiled Cardstock, buy DCWV. They produce beautiful, high quality papers. Their glittered cardstock has a variety of colours and the glitter looks very concentrated but does not rub off when touched. One 12 x 12 inch stack ranges from 10 USD on sale to 20 USD  – (I ensure that I catch the sales!) and the 6 x 6 inch stacks can sell as low as 2.99! Here’s where to buy these stacks at really good prices…(and i reiterate…when on SALE!)

SIETE – Heat Embossing

heat embossing must haves

This technique can be intimidating but produces beautiful results when done right. In my short time I have been using heat embossing I have learnt a thing or two about it that can help make the process a lot easier for a newbie. (Watch out for that post!). Heat embossing involves the use of a “sticky” ink or paste specially formulated for this purpose and a powder which attaches to said ink and melts when heated to give effects. This video shows you all you need to know!

Keep Sparkling and thanks for stopping by! XOXO



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