All I want for Christmas is….

I really can’t pretend that the title of this post is a literary metaphor, loaded with some deep erudite meaning which I will adeptly present in the paragraphs to come. To tell the truth I am simply and shamelessly publishing my Christmas wish list on the world wide web so the genies called “family”, “friends” and “well-wishers” may grant my requests.

Its all for a good cause!

So check my list and check it twice. I guarantee you I have been nice! (See what I did there?) *winks*. Follow the links to see the prices. There’s a price for every budget ūüôā … I’m just that thoughtful!

  1. The Sizzix Big Shot Plus

    I am dying to get my hands on a die cutting machine and the Big Shot is one of the best. There are so many possibilities when cutting shapes from paper, foam, cardstock and other media. Get this for me and I would love you forever and I’ll throw in a free handmade card! Deal?¬†Pricepoint: $$$

  2. The Minc by Heidi Swapp

    mincEverybody Loves Shiny things!¬†The Minc turns anything you print with toner into a foiled beauty. It’s easy to love and since I am obsessed with Gold right now…we are the perfect match! Thanks in advance!¬†Pricepoint: $$$

  3. Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Color Set

    Watercolour is my new mode of catharsis. Its makes it so easy to make beautiful things. In my opinion, no piece¬†can turn out bad when you’re using this method for colouring;¬†but it does take a bit of practice. I’ve seen great reviews and videos about the Kuretake Gansai Tambi (tongue twister) Watercolour set and I need to have it in my life! I’m really interested in watercolouring with cakes versus the tubes I usually use! ¬†For this price you can sit back and enjoy your one of a kind painting by CreatiV for FREE…well not really ;).¬†Pricepoint: $$

  4. Silver Brush Black Velvet Brush Set

    silver brushCan’t watercolour without good brushes! One of my crafting icons (kristina werner – check out her blog) uses these and I really do need some to help take my painting to the next level.¬†Pricepoint: $

  5. Large Craft/Cutting Mat

    matsMy wooden tables have paid the price for my cutting habits. They are filled with blade marks and chips. Save the trees by getting me a cutting mat! The environment will thank you. Pricepoint: $

  6. This Stamp and this matching Die set – Lunar Animals by Mama Elephant! SO CUTE!

    LUNAR_ANIMALSI have not seen anything cuter in my LIFE! Its been hard for me to find a stamp set with all the cute animals I’d ever need just sitting there looking at me¬†with their big beautiful eyes, beckoning, stamp me, stamp me.But this is it; my heart has been stolen!¬†Pricepoint: $¬†

  7. Copic Marker Set

    copicEvery artist needs to colour. These markers help you achieve phenomenal colouring results and blend beautifully to create shadows and highlights on images. [Insert witty humorous comment here which will soften the blow of the price!]. Pricepoint: $$$

  8. Wink of Stella, Glitter Brush Pen Clear

    penQuite inexpensive and a gift I would really appreciate for adding glitter soft shimmer to my paper projects. Pricepoint: $

  9. Signo Uniball White Gel Pen

    signo uniballAnother inexpensive gift which I cannot find anywhere in Jamaica. Its a pen with opaque white ink which is good for adding highlights and little details to cards or other paper projects.Pricepoint: $

  10. Envelope Punch Board and Gift Box Punch Board and Banner Punch Board and EVERY SINGLE PUNCH BOARD EVER MADE!!!!

    boards.jpgMaking stationery and usable projects out of cute designer paper is something I enjoy. Being able to make my own envelopes, gift boxes and banners with themes and prints I love will make my Christmas so happy! Pricepoint: $

  11. Sentiment Stamp Set

    sentiment stampI love to make cards but what’s a card without a sentiment. I have no Sentiment stamps so you can get me this, this or this, or all 3!!¬†¬†Pricepoint: $ each

  12. Embossable acetate

    Shaker cards are one of my favourites right now and I need acetate to make them. This acetate is special because its heat resistant so you can heat emboss on it. Talk about a double threat!


Its not a “co-ink-idink”that I have 12 items on my Christmas list. Lookout for my upcoming 12 days of Christmas series where I’ll be doing Christmas card tutorials on my YouTube channel everyday for 12 DAYS! *super excited*. How wonderful it would be if all these items were magically gifted to me before the series so I could show you how to use one item a day on each card until I use all items on one card on day 12!!¬†WOW!


That’s it!¬†Let me know in the comments which gift you’re gonna get me :), what you would like for Christmas and your crafty items that¬†I should add to the list!

See you next time!






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