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Cute Critter Cards

Hello Creative People,

Today, I was in the mood to make cute animals. I decided to make cards but these could easily be made into masks or cupcake toppers for a cute critter party …the possibilities are endless with a little creativity.

I usually draw my ideas out in the size and arrangement I would like them. So as usual, I began with a template for my cards. I cut a piece of printer paper to 5 by 5 inches and drew the cat and fox. Both were my interpretation of the two animals. Feel free to use my interpretation for your project or find your own inspiration from pictures online; its really up to you. These are what my drawings looked like.

You will notice the drawings are folded in the center. This is done to ensure my drawing is symmetrical.  I folded the 5 by 5 inch piece of paper in half, then drew half the outline of my animal head, then cut that outline while the paper was still folded, so both sides are similarly shaped.

Now that the templates are complete I cut a 5 by 10 inch piece of white cardstock and folded that in half.

Kuddly Kitten

For the Kitten I used the template to trace on to the folded cardstock and cut the shape out, ENSURING that the folded end was NOT cut. This is what will form the card, so make sure the fold remains intact. I traced the outline of the face onto grey cardstock and cut the shape out. I then drew the nose, whiskers and eyes onto black cardstock  and the inner ear, and blush onto pink cardstock and cut those out. The image below shows the resulting cut pieces.


These pieces were adhered to the gray cardstock and then adhered to the card base using a glue stick. The mouth and pattern above the eyes were drawn on using a black uniball vision micro pen. A hand written greeting was also added using this pen…”You’re purrfect for me.” 😀 How cute is that?


Fiery Fox

For the Fox, I traced the outline of the template onto orange cardstock and cut the shape out. I also cut the triangular shape in the center of the foxes head from the template, traced it onto white cardstock and then cut. The inner ears, nose and eyes were drawn on and cut from black cardstock. All the pieces are shown below.20160321_155519_Richtone(HDR)

The pieces were then adhered to the orange base using glue. Be careful not to get the white cardstock messy when gluing. If you happen to, it usually helps to wait a bit for the (small amount of ) glue to dry then use an eraser to remove any residue.


To attach to the card base, align the fold on the closed card base to the top of the fox’s head right below the ears. Glue down and then trim the excess on the back and front of the card base to the shape of the fox head. Just be patient and go slowly. You can’t undo a cut!



20160321_164012_Richtone(HDR)I really love how these critter cards turned out. I would really love to hear your thoughts on the cards and what I should attempt next. Comment below to give me your feedback!

Thanks for stopping by!






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